Sunday, August 20, 2017

My 1,000th Post! Micronesian "Kieki" (Basket-weave updo)

Hello friends,

     Last night I watched several YouTube videos explaining how to do a basket weave braid, and this morning I tried it out on my own hair.  I have always wanted to do this hairstyle, and although I would like to do it again with more weaves, I am quite happy with my first attempt at this braid.  My Micronesian friends were very surprised to see this hairstyle, they told me my hair looked just like a "kieki" which is a mat made out of woven palm leaves.  How thrilling to hear their description, that they could see the woven concept I was striving for <3

     Thank you for visiting my blog.  I love sharing hair pictures with my friends around the world.


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  1. Fantastic you posted so much and every post give a other look at your beautiful long hair
    God Bless You dear friend