Thursday, October 22, 2015

French Lace

Hi everyone,

I saw an idea for a new hairstyle on Instagram, combining lace braids and a French braid in a way I had not tried before.  First, I sectioned off small sections of hair on each side of my head then I made the center French braid.  Then I started with the left section of loose hair and lace braided it down to just above my ear.  Then I stopped adding hair from that side, continued the braid without adding hair long enough to reach the right side where I continued lace braiding while adding hair from that side for a change.  I criss-crossed back to the left side and finished gathering the rest of my loose hair, and finally crossed back to the right side once more and finished gathering all the loose hair on that side.  I wove the smaller end of my lace braid through the end of my French braid, then folded my braid up to about waist length and clipped it in place with tiny hair clips.  Hopefully pictures will explain much more clearly :-)  All day long, wherever I went, people would randomly come up and tell me how much they loved this hairstyle~ so kind of them, and always a nice thing to hear!



(My new shirt has "London" and a picture of Big Ben on amazing that I actually got to go there in person not too long ago!)


  1. You are definitely a hair artist! Thanks for sharing your London pictures as well <3

    1. Thank you! I'm so in love with this braid, and it was really fun to remember my amazing trip <3

  2. such a beautyfull braid dear friend and yes London you was there ...they must tought you was a princess :)