Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ponytail length pictures

Hi everybody,

Today I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon sun and took some length pictures while my hair was in a low ponytail.  I'm new to Instagram, but noticed a long-hair friend had asked people to post pictures of their long hair in motion.  I think I'm too late for the actual contest, but the idea is still a fun one to try!  Of course the hardest part is deciding which pictures NOT to post~ a problem you will probably think I solved by simply posting them all, but I actually did leave out a few :-)
     Thank you so much for following, viewing, commenting and sharing.  I hope you have a lovely week.



  1. Super :) i love such long hair "in motion" :) thank you for sharing my dear friend :) xxx <3

  2. Very beautiful! I'm glad to see the weather is much better over there. Here Autumn really kicked in, so it's dark and chilly during the day. Thanks for sharing these pictures <3