Thursday, April 27, 2017

Faux 7-Strand French Braid

Hello friends,

     Yesterday it poured rain, but thankfully that didn't keep me from taking hair pictures.  I set my camera in front of the window, sat in my colorful hammock-chair and twirled around to show each angle of my braid.  To make this braid, I first made a 3-strand accent braid, then I braided the rest of my hair in a 4-strand French braid.  I pinned the 3-strand braid along one side of my French braid, to make my braid look thicker and more complicated.  I draped the length of my braid over one shoulder, folded it up, and clipped it in place with hair clips.  Thank you for coming by my blog to see!

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  1. Have a wonderfull day beautifull friend , such a amazing hairstylle again
    Thank you for sharing