Friday, July 31, 2015

Hidden French braid

Hi everyone,

Today my hair was not so instead I'm sharing pictures from a few days ago that I haven't posted yet :-)  I saw this look for the first time on Pinterest, and this my second time to try it out.  I made a mohawk French braid, then used the hair from either side to make another French braid on top of the first one.  My mohawk braid looks like it's peaking out from underneath~
     Thank you for coming to see my new post!  Lately I've discovered argan oil and have even used coconut oil for the first time.  All I can think is why did I never try these before?!  My hope is that the argan oil, especially at the ends of my hair, will keep it strong and thick and even across the bottom.  Of course, all of this is probably because of the Redhead Days that are now just over a month away!  Very exciting to look forward to...and now for pictures :-)


  1. Beautiful braided updo!
    I've heard that argan can darken light colored hair. When my hair was longer (and straighter) I liked extra virgin olive oil a lot for the bottom half of my hair. It seemed to make the ends thicker. To make the scent more pleasing I added a few drops of rose oil. Usually I put it in at night, so by daytime it really sunk in and didn't look greasy.

    If you can get your hands on monoi oil (coconut based), that's also really good for your hair and smells divine as well!

    1. Thank you!! This is all great information to know, thank you for commenting. I will have to check out the monoi oil, this is my first time to hear about that. It sounds wonderful!

  2. Wooooow how beautyfull and elegant ; you have such amazing angel hair :) <3 <3 thank you for those wonderfull pictutres <3