Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rainy Day Braided Bun

Hi everybody!

First my Sunny Day Updo, and now a Rainy Day Braided Bun :-)

I casually divided my hair into three sections and made three English braids.  To make the braid on the bottom section, I leaned forward so my hair hung upside-down and braided that section up toward the center of my head where the bun would be.

I wrapped one braid into a center bun, then wrapped the second braid around that, and the third braid around that.  I kept the ends of my braids poking out like feathers.  I thought they balanced well with my long side fringe.  Two of the ends were on the same side, so I kept them together as one.

Now for some pictures!

Rainy Day Braided Bun

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