Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My new YouTube video~ How to undo braids and avoid tangles

Hi friends,

     Thanks to a suggestion from a friend who follows my blog, I made a new hair video about how I take my hair down~ the opposite of my usual posts on how I fix my hair.  I hope this new video is helpful to anyone trying to avoid tangles.  The real key is...patience.  And coconut oil!  I always put coconut oil on my hair before I wash it (see this post) and that keeps my hair conditioned throughout the week, hairstyle after hairstyle.
     In this video I also talk about my workout routine, thanks to a request from a subscriber to my YouTube channel.  You can find links to Facebook and Ballet Beautiful in the description on my video.  Thank you for watching!


  1. Hello from West Virginia:) thank you once again for doing my request! I always love your videos and your blog<3 Ladies at church sometimes compliment me on my updos, which is usually a hairdo inspired by your blog! Thanks again

    1. How great! Thank you for commenting and for sharing with friends. So glad you suggested this idea for a YouTube video :)

  2. Hello Andrea ,your new you tube clip is again fantastic ...keep on posting