Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dutch braid and little white dress, a favorite combination

Hello friends,

Thank you for following my blog and Facebook page. How wonderful to be able to share hair pictures with friends around the world. Today I wore my new dress and paired it with a Dutch braid. I love both!


  1. Your beautiful braid and wonderfull white dress are such a great combination
    Happy Thursday wonderfull friend
    Sunny greeetsss from Belgium 😊💝

  2. Absolutely gorgeous as usual!Love the dress, it looks great on you

  3. Amazing beautiful combination , wish you a very happy day Andrea ❤

  4. Thank you both so much, I love hearing back especially on a favorite post like this one. Have a beautiful day <3

    1. Its a pleassure dear Andrea and such a honor to follow your blog and the wonderfull things you do with your beautifull long hair :)
      I be sure you are a inspiration for many girls and lady's who have long hair ore want grow there hair
      Thank you for everything <3