Tuesday, March 22, 2016

7-in-1 Braid

Hi everyone,

     I hope you are off to a great new week!  I'm so happy to say it rained yesterday and again today~ our islands have been so dry lately with no rain for weeks.  How wonderful to have drenching rain for hours on end.  I took hair pictures yesterday around noon when the sun was high, thinking I would take more in the afternoon sun but the weather had other plans :-)  It's all good.

     The last time I posted a hairstyle with multiple braids, 5 French Braids, several friends asked that I try braiding all the braids together.  On Sunday I made an updo using 5 English braids.  I slept in them that night, and the next morning I added two more braids so all my hair was braided with no loose hair.  Then I braided these 7 braids into a single French braid, a true 7-in-1 look.  My braid was a little fuzzy since 5 of my braids were a day old, but that added to the chic effect.


1 comment:

  1. Dear Andrea , braids are my favorite stylle for long hair ,and your braid is the most healty ,longest and beautifulst of all .I hope the live in Chuuk will be better if it rain again and pray for you and all the beautifull people there
    Love and peace from Belgium <3