Sunday, August 11, 2013

4-Strand Lace Braids Updo

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.  Today I tried a four-strand lace braid for the first time ever...I made one on each side, then put my hair into a low ponytail.  I tugged on the hair in the center to give myself a slight beehive/bump in the middle, then put my hair into a low braided bun.  I have yet to try a French braided/lace braided 5-strand braid like my Micronesian friends, but maybe soon :-)

4-Strand Lace Braids Updo




  1. Andrea - this is Joy Kelley from Temple Baptist Church in Guam. My husband is Pastor Rick Kelley. I also really LOVE long hair, and I wanted to tell you I enjoy looking at all your amazing braided styles! Wish I had that talent. I am currently trying to grow my hair as long as it will grow. I'll be 60 in about two weeks, and in about 20 years, I want to be that elderly lady with long flowing wavy white hair down to my knees or below. Definitely not fond of the old lady blue and pink permed cotton candy short styles. :) There's just something so elegant about long beautiful healthy hair!

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for commenting and viewing my different pictures. I love posting pictures here~ congratulations on your upcoming birthday and also your decision to grow your hair long. Like I say in my hair care post, a spoonful of peanut butter every day will help your hair grow fast and thick! Also the Long Hair Community is a great place for hair care tips and ideas...maybe one day we can take some hair pictures in person :-)