Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sock Bun w/ Blonde Accent Braids

Hello friends,

I have two hairstyles to share with you today~ my sister's and mine.  I'll post my pictures separately, but first here are pictures of my sister's look for today: a beautiful blonde sock bun and accent braids, held in place with hair sticks...a very pretty updo!  Thanks for coming by my blog to view our pictures :-)



  1. gosh.. what pretty sisters you both are.. how long is her hair? you both should post a length picture together.. It would be fun.. :)

    Also I was checking LHC and found a 30 day challenge to wear you hair up, so I am going to be stalking your blog looking for hair ideas :) you seem to do sooo much with your hair and you make buns look so creative and beautiful at the same time..

    One last thing.. do you have a facebook public page where you post hair pictures?
    I visit your blog once a week when I remember.. and I miss out on all the pretty hairstyles! :(

    anyway.. Keep posting your pretty hairstyles.. Best regards to both sisters :)

    Divya ..

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad that you like the different hairstyles and braids I have posted. I love sharing ideas and trying out new looks! The LHC is a great place to learn all there is to know about hair :-) I do have a Facebook page under my full name, you can follow me there if you like! I don't post links to every hairstyle from my blog, but I do post a lot about my life here in the islands. My sister and I thank you!

  2. Perfeito