Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Stars Hairstyle

Hello friends,

     After my fun Halloween posts, here are some pictures of my hairstyle today on the first Sunday of November.  I made little sections all the way around with tiny elastic bands, then I went back and split each little section in two.  I took half of one section and half of the next section and banded them together with another small elastic.  This makes a star-like border to my center bun.  For the bun, I put all my hair that was not in the little sections into a high ponytail and made a cinnamon bun.  I gathered all the tail ends of my tiny elastic sections into another separate ponytail right on top of my bun.  Then I braided that smaller ponytail and wrapped the braid around my bun.  It sounds confusing, but if you look closely at the pictures I think you can see what I am trying to explan :-)

     Thank you for following my blog!

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