Monday, February 9, 2015

Extremely Messy Nautilus Bun~ my look for today

Hello everybody,

A few days ago a friend wrote and asked if I could try to do a messy nautilus bun.  Not being exactly sure what makes a bun a nautilus, I did some searching on line and finally found TorrinPaige's version on Youtube.  Apparently it's all in the way you wrap your hair up, the point being to be able to put your hair up and have it stay in place with no clips or hair sticks.  But of course I can't leave my hair clips behind, so I added several to my version.  It is extremely messy, I warn you!  But a nice look for a casual day.
     By the way, another friend wrote asking if I could measure my hair to see how long it is now.  I had help to read the tape measure, and my hair was actually longer than the tape!  From the top to bottom, my hair measures an even 64 inches, almost 163 cm.

(and probably the cutest French braid ever :-)

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