Thursday, June 18, 2015

Micronesian Girl~ 3D Pull-Through Braid

Hello everybody,

Thank you so much for all the views and comments on my recent posts!  I'm so excited to learn these new styles of braids and share my versions of them here on my blog.  I think my next hair video will definitely be the pull-through braid :-)
     Yesterday afternoon I showed my Micronesian Girl friends how to do the pull-through and the 3D pull-through braids.  It was fun braiding someone else's hair for a change!  When we were done, the three of us had our picture taken together.  Then I took extra pictures of my little friend's 3D braid, so beautiful on her!  She looks like a princess <3


(finished pull-through braid)

(Starting the 3D pull-through braid)





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  1. Wow! These braids are mesmerizing! I love your blog! Thanks so much for all your great posts, I can’t wait to read more of them this year! To tell the truth, I respect only 2 sources with hairstyles - yours and