Thursday, February 4, 2016

3-D French-Box Braid

Hello friends,

Thank you for following my posts!  Today I braided my hair in a French braid, using the 3-D box braid braiding pattern.  Basically you take four strands of hair:


Outermost 4 goes underneath 3, underneath 2, then flips up and over 2 to be placed in the middle of 2 and 3.  So now your strands look like this:


You repeat the same pattern starting on the opposite side.  So take strand 1, move it underneath 2, underneath 4, flip it up and over 4 so that it is now between 4 and 2.


Now to start French braiding, just add a little bit of hair to the outermost section before repeating the pattern.  I keep it straight by thinking, "Under, under, over...under, under, over..."

I hope this explanation is helpful, now for pictures of my braid :-)




  1. I hope your explaination helped for your longhaired followers ☺ one thing is sure.You look amazing beautyfull with this stylle ❤

    1. Oh thank you :) such a nice comment.

    2. Your always welcome , thank you for bring some sunshine in my life ☺❤