Wednesday, February 17, 2016

60's style chin-length bob for ankle-length hair

Hello friends,

     Last night I experimented putting my hair up in a faux-bob and liked the results so much I tried it again today.  I'm pleased to say that this hairstyle lasted all day long and only looked slightly tossed and windblown by night-time.  My friends who saw me with "short" hair were very surprised~ they love this look like I do and were relieved to know that no hair-cutting was involved at all, only bobby pins :-)
     I made a ponytail, then folded my hair up to chin-length.  I still had an arm's-length of hair left, so I piled that on top of my head and pinned it in place with bobby pins.  This beehive effect gives the overall look a 60's feel.







  1. Hey you would look great bobbed , but i suppose you never will do that
    Grts .Hairdresser Joe

    1. Haha thank you <3 No, only for a day like in this post~ a temporary bob.

    2. Thats very good , i cut long hair being a hairdresser ...but always feel sad about that
      Your hair is amazing i would only trim it ore if you want cut it to knee length
      Monday grts Joe