Saturday, September 3, 2016

White at Graceland, where Elvis lives

Hi friends,

     How exciting to get to visit Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley! For such a special occasion, I wore my new white dress and a Spanish inspired hairstyle to match. My favorite part of the visit was definitely touring the mansion itself. Elvis' house was quaint in a way, and obviously a much-loved home. He will certainly always be loved and sadly missed.

Living room


Taking a picture of the picture at the foot of the stairs

Elvis' parents' bedroom

...and bathroom

Dining room


Mirrored staircase to downstairs

TV room

...with mirrors on the ceiling

Billiard room~ love the material on the walls!

Jungle room

Behind the mansion

I have many more pictures of my visit, but I think I will share them in a separate post. Be sure to check back and come with me on the rest of the tour :-)


  1. I hope you were able to take the grand and full tour, and not just the mansion. Its really a magical place if you realize where you are.

    1. We saw the mansion and grounds, the airplanes and cars, and the I Shot Elvis and Blue Hawaii exhibits. The gravesite was sad and touching to see, and lunch at the cafe was delicious. I was amazed to see all his rewards and golden records, plus all the personal effects and even clothes. He was tall!

  2. One of my dream destinations to go, would even better togheter with you 💗

  3. I live in the state next to Tennessee! I have always wanted to go to Memphis to see his home. Thanks for taking us there with you.

  4. Andrea, you took some beautiful pictures. Glad you had an enjoyable time. :)

  5. Thank you all, you are so very kind <3 <3 <3