Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dutch Rapunzel Braid

Hi friends,

     I'm in love with side Dutch braids, especially when one is combined with a pull-through braid <3  Today I braided my hair in a side Dutch braid, then put my hair into a low ponytail.  I wrapped a little bit of hair around my ponytail holder, then braided the length of my ponytail in a pull-through braid.  When I reached a little past waist length on my braid, I tied my braid off then braided the rest of my hair in a simple 3-strand braid.  I brought this braid up underneath my pull-through braid, and wrapped it around the base of my ponytail.  This kept my Rapunzel-style braid at waist length, rather than full length. 

     Thank you for coming by my blog!  How fun to share hair pictures with all my friends around the world.


  1. Andrea, you are just so beautiful!

  2. Have a nice day beautifull friend :) that Rapunzel braid looks so wonderfull and thick and i love your red dress

    <3 <3