Friday, December 30, 2016

Mix and Match

Hi friends,

     Tomorrow is New Year's Eve!  A brand new year is always so fresh and exciting.  And exciting news...I am heading home to my islands!  It has been fun to visit family and friends in America for a few months, but there is after all no place like home <3

     Yesterday I fixed my hair in a mix and match style of a high rope braid bun, and a low braided ponytail.  I love using my favorite small hair clips in styles like this one.  Have a beautiful day, and a wonderful new year!  Thank you for following my hair posts, I love sharing with you all.


  1. It's sad you will be leaving us all in the US, but you have more ppl to bless, I thought you were leaving on the 7th, not the 31st, when you land your heart will burst, burst with excitement, you will finally be back home, with your brother and sister, back in your zone, I look forward to seeing you return, wether it'll be in June or July, back to the US you'll fly, in the meantime I will ask about you meeting me in the great city of Indy, glad your home though, because here it's cold and windy, I hope to plane something in sometime, you're lovely and too kind, instead of feeling blue, I'll be hapoy because time passes soon, and I know better than most, that you're needed in Chuuk.

  2. Happy New Year most beautifull friend , you have bring some sunshine in my life , opened my heart again for the Lord
    I thank you for that and wish you and your loved once the very best
    Time to shine xxxx