Wednesday, July 12, 2017

3 braids, 3 buns, 1 hairstyle

Hi friends,

     Today I wanted something a little extra special, so I made three braids with three buns.  The middle braid is a 4 strand braid, and the two side braids are Dutch braids.  I pulled a bit on the edges of all three braids to give them the blossom effect that I love so much.  I love hairstyles that use multiple braids!  And my hairstyle looked the same all day long until I finally took it down tonight so I can wash my hair.  Thank you for visiting my blog, have a wonderful day <3


  1. Hello! I wanted you know that you are inspiring to me. For the last 12 years, I've been stuck in a frustrating cycle. I'll have short hair, and want long hair. Once it gets to about my shoulders, I get impatient with my hair that is suddenly EVERYWHERE. I'll cut it, and regret it and grow it again, and so on. You're blog has encouraged me to try to grow my hair out again. I've seen so many fun hairstyles from you. If you can get ankle length hair out of your face in pretty, creative ways that show off your hair, then I think I can too when it hits my shoulders again!

    1. Hi Hannah, thank you so much for commenting, how sweet to hear your story. Congratulations as you grow your hair long, I'm so glad that my blog has been a source of inspiration to you <3

  2. Looks super beautifull dear friend , thank you for sharing