Friday, May 11, 2018

Waterfall lace braid for a day in the hills of Tennessee

Hi friends,

     How fun to visit Tennessee for a few days, especially Dollywood!  So many people stopped to tell me how much loved my hairstyle, everyone was so kind.  My braids today were a waterfall braid into a lace braid, with a 4-strand braid over one shoulder.

     My sister and I met a new friend this afternoon, a sweet, friendly donkey.  I love donkeys!  So excited to share these pictures with you, thank you for visiting my blog.

In my owl slippers :-)

I love my earrings! They are made from wood, two horses forming a heart <3

The beautiful Christmas theme is all-year long in this amazing hotel~

Beautiful Christmas orchids

One of the many lovely angels around the hotel, this one is outside the lobby elevator~

Hanging out with Santa's elves and reindeer

This cute little guy was keeping guard over the omelette bar in the breakfast room~

My sister and I are having fun!

So adorable, a monkey swinging from a coconut tree made from blown glass~

Good advice!

A mirror shoefie and a motto~

Look who came over to say hello!

Making new friends is always fun

The beautiful mountains and woods are spring green

Hey y'all!

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  1. Looks amazing there in Tennesse , thank you for sharing this beautiful pictures , have a safe and nice stay there and wish your beautiful sister Alisha a very happy Birthday xxx