Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fun Ponytail Updo

Hello everyone,

The last day of May :-)  I tried a new hairstyle today with my little ponytail holders~ this look would be cute with pigtails, but since my hair is so long I made a low braided bun instead.




  1. This is really cute, but how do you remove the ponytail holders when you take your hair down? my hair is shorten than yours (like, FTL length) but I afraid to put it like that because I suspect it will tangle horribly when removing them....

  2. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my post. Actually, the ponytails didn't tangle at all! I had wondered if they would, but my hair was very smooth and conditioned when I put them in so maybe that was the trick. I used a package of Goody ponytail elastics that I got last month at the store. This is my first time to use them, and I find them quite handy!