Monday, December 23, 2013

Red-and-Green Dutch Braids Updo

Hello and Merry Christmas,

It's hard to believe I only started my hair blog a year ago this month!  Thanks so much to everyone who follows my blog and checks to see when I upload new hair pictures.  I love sharing these photos with all of my online friends!  Another Christmas-theme hairstyle to show you today~ it is basically a side Dutch mohawk braid with a headband Dutch braid, brought together in a low side ponytail.  I braided my ponytail into one long Dutch braid and wound it up into a bun.  My hair is being held in place mostly by the larger red clip, the other small clips and the hair stick are added accents :-)


1 comment:

  1. Hi, I've been visiting your website for some time (I think I've seen all your blog posts). Your hair is very beautiful and I can tell your hair care is very low maintenance. I wonder, what do your long hair Micronesian friends do to maintain their hair? Is it similar to what you do or different?

    Thank you:)