Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New video in response to a friend's request~ Lace Braids & Braided Bun

Hi everybody,

Thank you so much for following my blog and also for watching my new Youtube videos!  I can't believe that I already have three videos uploaded to my channel.  This most recent video was in response to a request that a friend left here on my blog, asking if I could do a demo video of this hairstyle.  Here is a link to my video on Youtube, and pictures of this hairstyle after I made the video.  I like this look because it is very easy and quick, which is nice on mornings when you are in a hurry!



  1. one of my go-to hairstyles! also one of the first braids I ever learnt!

  2. I love seeing your long hair videos Andrea, your hair is so healthy and beautiful~