Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve Length Pictures with Friends

Happy New Year, everyone!

Tonight seemed like a good time to let your hair down and have fun with friends :-)  My sister and two of our Micronesian Girl (including our Christmas Angel) took some impromptu length pictures together.  One of my other friends wanted to get in on the fun!
     Thanks to a friend who left a comment on one of my blog posts suggesting that we take length pictures together~ you gave us the idea!


  1. Such a blessing to have such long hair! Love your work and hair braiding videos, Andrea!

    Ideas for next video - you should have a video with your hair down, talking about your hair and why it's so long, how you look after it. Maybe do it when your hair is really long and you're due for a trim - show people how to trim long hair.

    Keep blessing the people of Chuuk my sister in Christ!

  2. Great photos, Andrea!! Any of the others in these photos aspiring to grow their hair as long or longer than your hair?