Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ponytail Pictures

Hi everybody,

Yesterday was another fun-filled day at the Magic Kingdom~ and I met the Tremaines again!  When Drizella found out I had ankle-length hair, she just had to see it in person.  So I took my hair down to show her and her sister.  I love how the pictures turned out!  Thanks so much for coming to see my new post.


  1. So cute *-*

  2. Good to see you have so much fun beautyfull angel ,and the sister adore your hair :) lucky for you they are kind for your golden tresses lol
    God Bless You xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. where did you get that lovely purple blouse with the lace?

    1. Hi Hannah, it's an INC brand from Macy's. I love INC, they have such beautiful clothes and also have a petite line.