Monday, September 28, 2015

New Youtube video~ Ginger Rogers' Half-Updo

Hey everybody,

This morning I made a new hairstyle video, on my favorite "Ginger Rogers' Half-Updo" :-) I just finished uploading it on Youtube, and here are some still pictures of this hairstyle as well. Thank you so much for following, and for watching my new video! I hope you have a beautiful sunny day, just like we are having here in the islands.

Click here to watch my video of this hairstyle on Youtube


  1. Well it's quite beautiful. If you ever decide to cut your hair ( NEVER I HOPE! ) you will still have beautiful styles.

  2. I saw the video clip on You Tube and its really amazing how you did that :) Even shorter hair would look good at you ...what i hope you nevr do

    1. Thank you so much, Erwin, how very kind of you :-)

    2. Your welcome Andrea :) always like your posts here :) take care