Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Redhead Days are almost here!

Hi friends,

The Redhead Days are happening this weekend in Breda, and I can't wait to attend in person :-) What a beautiful day today, walking around Amsterdam and seeing many amazing sights in this lovely old city. Here are pictures of a few things I saw, plus my hairstyle for the day~ an Elsa French braid. At the end of my post I'll share the link to the program magazine for the Redhead event. If you download the pdf file, look at pages 2 and 8 and see if you find a familiar face (or would that be better put, a familiar head of hair :-)

View from the top of the church tower

Dam Square

Riding a boat on the canals

Thank you for visiting my page. Here is the link to the Redhead Days program. Maybe I will see some of you there!

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