Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mohawk Braided Ponytail~ plus what I love most about my hair

Hi friends,

     Today I braided my hair in a 4-strand Mohawk braid, and continued my braid all the way down the length of my hair.  I put my loose hair and my Mohawk braid into a mid-ponytail and braided the rest of my loose hair into two separate 4-strand braids. Then I took all 3 braids, folded them up once and made a waist-length braided ponytail.  I love the way this Mohawk braid looks when combined with a ponytail rather than a bun, like I usually do.

     On a separate note, a friend messaged me on Facebook and asked what it is that I love about my hair, and in particular what I love about having long hair.  I appreciated such a thoughtful, considerate question, and wanted to share my answer here.

  • I love the color of my hair, strawberry blonde~ not quite red and not quite blonde.  
  • I love when my hair is thick and even across the bottom, which is why I keep the ends trimmed.  
  • I love having bangs!  And I love my accent piece that is longer on one side~ it adds interest and is a personal style statement.
  • I love being able to fix my hair in so many different braids, buns, and hairstyles.  The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to styling long hair.
  • I love the uniqueness of having ankle-length hair.  How fun to dress as Rapunzel for Halloween and use my own hair!
  • I love having a thick braid.  I read in a book once about a girl whose braid was as thick as her wrist, and that has always been my personal goal.  
  • I love that my long hair gives me a platform to meet new friends who also have long hair or are interested in long hair.  
  • I love being a source of encouragement and ideas for women and girls who are trying to grow their hair long, or are looking for ideas on how to fix their long hair.
  • My hair makes me feel beautiful and special, which I think is important for every woman.  I believe that each person has unique gifts, qualities, and features~ something that sets them apart from the crowd.  Hair is a woman's glory.  It makes me sad when I see a mother chop off her daughter's hair simply because it is inconvenient at times.  I think that deep down inside, every girl wants to have long hair.  I would encourage girls and women to grow their hair to a length they can manage and enjoy.  That could be any length~ shoulder, elbow, waist, knee, whatever they personally love and want.
  • My hair is my canvas, my creative outlet.  I can't draw and I am not an artist, but with my hair I can create hairstyles and braids that are my own artistic expression.
  • My hair makes each day interesting and new.  After finishing my morning routine, I get to decide how I will fix my hair that day and then (hopefully) take hair pictures to post on my blog and Facebook and share with my friends around the world.  I live in a very isolated part of the world, but that doesn't mean I have to be alone and removed from the rest of the world.  On the contrary, my hair has given me an opportunity to share my look and style with friends around the world almost on a daily basis.
  • Finally, my hair is a gift from God who created me.  I thank Him for it, and for all the many blessings He has given me in my life.
     And hair pictures from today!  Thank you for reading this extra-long post, I hope that it has been insightful and encouraging <3

From Instagram, working in my office


  1. Thank you for sharing your favorite benefits of having long hair! You are truly an inspiration to me for my long hair journey!

    1. Thank you for telling me, that makes me so happy :) <3

  2. Andrea, I enjoyed reading this post. You are such an inspiration and you are the first person (I have seen) that has shown so many creative ways to style long hair in braids. I especially loved your ending...Finally, my hair is a gift from God who created me. I thank Him for it, and for all the many blessings He has given me in my life. You definitely are a source of encouragement and I thank God for allowing you to share with us. Blessings!!!

    1. Thank you so much, it is very nice to read your comments this morning <3

  3. I love your hair to dear friend , for every reason you writed here . You are such a beautifull and wonderfull Lady , a real inspiration for so many people ..and not only for those with long hair
    I will never forget that you opened my heart again ,showing me what really matters in this world
    Thank you for be such a amazing friend <3 God Bless You :)

    1. Thank you Erwin, I am very thankful that we can be friends and especially thankful for what God has done in your life <3

    2. Your welcome Andrea , ❤❤❤

  4. Your hairstyle from this day inspired me to try it on my own hair. My hair is classic length and while I love having it down it's a little inconvenient.
    So I tried first to fold over a normal plait and then secured it with two claw clips like you have. Then I tried with a rope braid. The rope braid looked awesome, especially because I twisted it until it folded in on itself, and it didn't look like two length folded, it looked like a complicated multiple strand piece of rope.

    The hairstyle looked very chic, although it was a little heavy, but a great style to impress. Thanks for the continuing inspiration!