Friday, August 12, 2016

Super Big Bun (plus what I do with my hair when I sleep at night)

Hi friends,

     Thank you for the kind comments on my last post, I was very thankful for my friend suggesting I answer that question about why I love having long hair.  Another friend asked on Instagram what I do with my hair at night when I sleep, so I answered in a Facebook post and will share here.  Thank you for following my hair posts!  Today I had braid waves from my braided ponytail yesterday.  I slept in my braids last night, then undid them this morning and made my big bun without combing my hair out first.

     Bed-Head: What I do with my hair at night
  • If my hair is in a braid, I usually go to sleep in my braid. If my hair is in an updo or bun, I will take it down from all the hair clips and bobby pins, then wrap my hair up into a loose cinnamon bun. But when I lie down with my head on the pillow, I unclip my hair and sleep with it loose. I don't usually comb my hair out right after taking it down. I'll wait to comb it out the next morning. But if I am having trouble with tangles, or my ends seem dry, I will comb my hair out and put coconut oil or argan oil on the ends, then pile it up on top of my head in a loose bun. 
  • The only time my night-time routine is different is when I wash my hair at night. After combing my hair out, I go to bed with wet hair and let it air-dry all night long. I try to sleep on my side with my hair draped across the pillow behind me, so it has the best possible chance of air-drying.
     And now, pictures of my big bun with wavy hair~ thank you, friends!

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