Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Romantic Mermaid Braid (or cage braid)

Hi everyone,

     Today I tried again the version of a cage braid that I saw demonstrated in an Instagram video.  This method makes the braid so much easier to do on yourself.  First, you divide your hair in two section and bring it forward over both shoulders.  Next you make a Dutch braid underneath your chin, adding hair as you continue the braid straight down.  When you've finished adding all your hair into the braid, you wiggle the braid up and over your head so that the cage braid now hangs down your back.  I had quite a long braid at the bottom of my cage braid, so I pinned the length of my braid up along the center of the cage braid.  The small tassel at the end of my braid is tucked underneath and held in place with a hair clip.  

     Thank you for visiting my blog!  I hope you have a lovely day <3

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