Friday, March 9, 2018

Hair Bow and Plum Blossoms

Hello dear friends,

     Thank you so much for your patience as I've been very slow to post new pictures on my blog.  My sister and our sweet friend went to see plum blossoms in Kyoto, Japan!  I wore my new jacket and put my hair into a hair bow, made possible by the topsy-tail hair tool I got here in Japan.  How exciting to finally be able to easily make a hair bow, and how lovely to see the beautiful plum blossoms beginning to bloom.  What a fun outing!

Arriving at Kitano Tenmangu in Kyoto, Japan


Such a sweet picture~



  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures dear friend
    Happy Saturday from Belgium

  2. Would love it if you would post a video on how you did you hair bow.

  3. Any video of your long beautiful hair from top to bottom?

  4. Love your long beautiful hair. A very blessed person.