Wednesday, April 1, 2015

After the storm, a French braid

Hello friends,

Some of you may have heard of the typhoon that hit our islands in Micronesia a few days ago.  It was very destructive and did much damage, but thankfully the storm is over and now the recovery can begin.  I had a rough few days where I hardly even combed my hair before piling it up in a messy bun, let alone took the time to fix it in a decent hairstyle.  But today I took some time to cope in one of the best ways for me personally~ I fixed my hair and got some hair pictures taken :-)
     Several of my friends who also follow me on Facebook have written or texted to see if I was okay.  Thank you so much for your concern and kind thoughts, it means more than you can know.  Thank you, my friends <3



  1. Hi Andrea sorry to read about the storm, I ddint hear anything about in the news or media hear in the UK. But in very glad that your ok and doing well. Your hair looks so beautiful as always as do you.

    Great hairstyle once again, may j request a video? If possible can you please do another braid video please, without putting up into a bun as oppose to how you normally do it. As I love to see your astonishingly beautiful ankle length hair in all its glory when fully out or in a long, thick. Elegant braid dangling around your ankles whilst in your flip flops lol please. All the very best you and love from me to you in the UK 😘😄

  2. This is a great post; it was very edifying. I look ahead in reading more of your beard growth

  3. Thank you both, you are very kind.