Tuesday, August 4, 2015

French Braid combo~ and getting ready for Redhead Days!

Hello friends,

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Holland, with my new beautiful blue t-shirt for the Redhead Days in Breda, just a month away!  I had seen this braid combination on Pinterest and liked it so much I decided to try it myself.  I made a lace rope braid on one side only, then braided the rest of my hair in an Elsa-style French braid.  It's funny how just that added rope braid dresses up this look so.  Thank you for coming to see my post!
     On another note, a friend suggested I try olive oil on my hair, so I did that last night before I washed my hair.  I put olive oil on my hair (not on the top nearest my scalp, but on the length and definitely at the ends.)  I left it for about 30 minutes or so, then washed my hair as usual (condition-wash-condition).  The results seem to be very good, my hair is shiny and soft.



  1. Your hair looks very shiny beautyfull angel :) and i be sure its soft hair also...just wished i could feel the softness for real
    Have a nice day xxxx

  2. Lovely hairdo, Andrea! Sort of Elsa meets Rapunzel ;-)
    Great to hear that the olive oil worked for you.
    Ps. Nice T-shirt

    1. Thank you! And also thank you for the suggestion :-D I was able to find the other oil you mentioned for sale on Amazon.com, so I think after my trip I will try to get some. It sounds wonderful!

  3. Pretty hair style! Hey, what does your new shirt say?

    Loving these hair tips I'm finding on your blog.

    What kind of oil did you find on amazon? Have you ever tried argan oil?

    I have ultra thick coarse wavy hair and a little dab of argan oil makes it so soft!

    PS. You should write an e-book on having super long beautiful hair, how you take care of it, ect. I bet it would be a best seller!