Friday, January 29, 2016

Hair pictures on a windy evening

Hi friends,

     What a windy day it has been!  I tried to take hairstyle pictures outside but the wind was too strong.  Not to be defeated, I took my hair down and got some hair-in-motion shots instead.  And...I made a new hairstyle video today, on how I fix my bangs.  I'm still working on making a video about Rey's hair-do from the new Star Wars movie.  I hope to be able to finish it soon.
     Thank you for following my posts!  I'll share the link to my video separately.  Have a beautiful week-end, everyone.


  1. Even the wind love your hair :) what a wonderfull long hair my dear friend. Happy weekend from Belgium

  2. Lovely to see the wind play with your hair!! Super to see the fun you have :-)

  3. Wow, you're gorgeous, love your smile!

  4. How fast does your hair grow on average, per month? Or how long did it take to grow your hair from your waist to ankle length?

    What age did you reach this length? How many inches/cm long is it?

    I love your blog! It is also so cool that you know languages! Best wishes.