Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fishnet Hairstyle

Hello friends,

     One of my favorite parts about having long hair is being able to style it in a way that matches my outfit, like this favorite top that I wore today.  I tried to imitate the fish-net look on the front of my t-shirt by making a head-dress accent with my hair.  First I made two lace braids on either side, then added the head-dress look in the middle.  I finished off my hair'do with a big low bun.
     Last night I used the 2 eggs/coconut oil/olive oil hair mask, with results as wonderful as the first time.  Never has my hair been so soft and shiny as after using this special conditioning mixture.  I love it!  (If you would like to try it yourself, I talk about how to use this hair mask here and here.)


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