Sunday, July 10, 2016

Southern Cross Hairstyle

Hello friends,

     Happy Sunday :-)  Today I wanted to use the beautiful hairclips that I got as a gift from a friend in Germany.  I ended up using them as side accents to this hairstyle, and the overall effect reminded me of the Southern Cross which appears in the sky over my island <3
     To make this hairstyle, I basically made a series of small buns to one side of my head and pinned them in place with hairpins and bobby pins.  For the last section of hair, instead of making a bun I made a braid.  I took this braid and wrapped it up and around my row of buns, pinning it in place as I liked.  I added a jewel clip to one side to emphasize the side-swept look, then added the three star clips as accents on my smooth hair.
     This hairstyle lasts forever!  After a long, windblown day there is literally not a hair out of place.  I even contemplated sleeping on my side so I could wear my hair like this again tomorrow :-)

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