Monday, October 24, 2016

Triple buns~ when one or two is simply not enough

Hi everyone,

Today I fixed my hair in three buns, in a triangular pattern.  I got several compliments on this hairstyle throughout the day~ and how fun to do more sightseeing with my friend!  This is my first visit to Pensacola, Florida, a lovely part of America.


Panoramic view of Gulf Seashore

Fishing in the calm water

Gorgeous white sand, like snow

Apparently the bumblebees and butterflies love to hang out around this plant!

Goodbye for now


  1. This bun is particular, I find to be very beautiful upon your head. xoxoxo

  2. God's given you the wisdom to makd such amazing hairstyles. You have such an attractive smile!

  3. Such a wonderfull hairstylle my dear friend , and so much beautifull pictures from God's animals and beautifull places
    Thank you for sharing 💕