Sunday, October 23, 2016

Triple Dutch braids in the sun

Hi friends,

     I washed my hair yesterday morning, then while it was still damp I braided it in three Dutch braids and a braided side bun.  I love my new shampoo and conditioner!  Hopefully soon I will make a video post talking about the new product line I've discovered.  Several people have asked me about it.

     Thank you for coming by my blog!  I wish you all a lovely new week.




  1. Do tell! I don't see where you've done a video on the new poo and con dish. :)

    1. I'm sorry! I've been traveling and have not yet had time or place to make the video like I promised. But here is the link to the Facebook page about the products I'm using now. They are terrific and completely organic. My hair is so easy to comb out after using this conditioner.