Friday, March 17, 2017

Half Lace, Half French

Hi friends,

     A few days ago I decided to try a new variation, and made a lace braid on one side with a French braid on the other.  I love how this updo turned out!  Several people throughout the day complimented me on my hair, and were shocked when I told them that I fixed it myself :-)

     Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  I'm sorry I don't post quite as often when I am traveling like I am now, but check back again soon to see if I've shared something new.  I love sharing hair pictures with my friends around the world!  Today I got to meet a very special friend in person, who started out following my hair posts but then we quickly became friends.  It's wonderful how friendships can begin in unique ways~ even through a hair blog!


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  1. Happy St Patricksday and thank you for sharing this beautifull hairstylle dear friend