Saturday, March 25, 2017

Twinning with Rapunzel

Hi friends,

     Today I was Disney-bound and excited to meet my favorite princess, Rapunzel.  How fun to share a video and some pictures with my friends here and on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  Thanks so much for following!

Oops, an action shot :-)

Rapunzel's tower


  1. I've been watching a few disney videos were ppl meet the characters, makes me wanna go to disney, I haven't been there since I was 5, and you're never too old to go! You're a really life rapunzel, and don't tell her this, but I like you a lot better haha. Thanks for praying for me, I got better soon after that and I got to visit with my friends and we had a good time. I wish I could meet you while you're in America, you're a humble celebrity hehe

  2. You are the most beautifull Rapunzel on earth