Saturday, October 21, 2017

Braids in a Braid hairstyle

Hi everyone,

     How fun today to braid my hair in this braids in a braid style.  I made a small Dutch braid on on side, another Dutch braid on the other side, divided the rest of my loose hair into three sections, and braided the total of 5 sections together (2 braids and 3 loose sections).  Instead of leaving my 5-strand braid full length, I folded it up and clipped it in place.  I love this hairstyle, and got many compliments throughout the day from others who admired it as well.  How very kind of them to notice and say something :-)
     I hope you have a lovely weekend.  Thank you for visiting my blog, come again soon!



  1. Happy Sunday beautiful friend , it was my youngest daughter her Birthday this week , 16 alreaddy
    That combinated with the news you have 1 milion blog vieuws made my weekend amazing good

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