Sunday, November 26, 2017

Christmas Tree Braid in Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan~ Post #1

Hello dear friends,

     My sister and I got to visit Ashikaga Flower Park again, this time during the amazing Christmas lights display.  The lovely wisteria isn't blooming right now, but the workers at the flower park have recreated the effect with colored lights.

     How incredible to see this breathtaking place again.  To make the day extra special, I braided my hair in a Christmas tree braid.  Everyone I met at the park was so kind and thoughtful, and loved my festive hairstyle.  I wish you could have been there in person, but how nice to share the experience with you here on my blog, through pictures.  Since I have so many pictures to share, I will post them separately.  First we have pictures taken during the daylight when the fall colors could be seen, and my second post will be more pictures of the lights at nighttime.

     Let's go!


A Christmas display at the train station~

On the train to Ashikaga, Japan

Japan's beautiful countryside~

Outside the park entrance~ we made it!

Hearts, flowers, fall colors, and a pull-through braid~ what's not to love?

Lovely fall colors in between the light frames~

I love pansies!

A worker was busy painting the wisteria lights pink~ what a job!

Waiting for nighttime when this place truly becomes a fairyland~

It's never too cold for wisteria flavored ice cream~

Finally, the lights are turned on!

It's familiar!

A different kind of wisteria, but still lovely~

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  1. Very beautiful dear friend , have a nice time in Japan with your sister
    Your braid looks amazing