Sunday, February 25, 2018

4-strand lace headband

Hi friends,

     Today I made a 4 strand lace headband braid and a side bun, but this particular version of a 4-strand braid is different from the ones I usually make.  Normally I take 4 strands, then cross the left outmost strand over, under, over.  But in this version, you cross the outmost left strand over, under, then the right outmost strand crosses under, over.  That's why there is a single strand of hair running down the center of the braid, which never actually has any hair added to it.  I always wondered how this type of 4-strand braid was made, and finally last night I learned how to create this braid by watching a video from Sweethearts Hair Design on YouTube.  I'm looking forward to trying a ribbon version soon.



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