Friday, November 6, 2015

Double braids with a push-up accent~ my attempt to rise to the challenge

Hi everybody,

A few days ago a challenge was posted on the Braid Zone's Facebook page, to make a hairstyle using double braids and push-up braid accent.  Here are pictures of my own attempt to meet the challenge :-)  I made a zig-zag part, then braided my hair in two French braids. I left a small section of hair out of one side to use as my accent braid which was a regular 3-strand English braid.  I finished off my look with a loose side bun.
     Thank you for coming by to see my pictures!  I hope you have a lovely day, whatever season of the year it happens to be where you are. I'm excited to say that although technically it is fall here where I am visiting friends in the US, the weather has been almost as warm as summertime! Beautiful changing leaves with warm tempratures <3



  1. i be sure you gonna win that challenge :) such a perfect braided stylle :) happy weekend dear friend xxx

    1. Thank you for such sweet comments on this hairstyle, my friend :-) I really like how it turned out, and adding the extra accent has given me new ideas for other braids as well.

  2. Wonderfull braided hairstylle my dear friend :)