Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A French braid is always a good idea

Hi friends,

     Once again I have learned that a French braid is always a good idea, wherever you are and whatever you're doing. This week I am celebrating my birthday...in Osaka, Japan! How fun to visit a part of the world for the first time.
     This has also been my first experience at a Universal park. The Japanese workers are so nice and friendly. I have never had that many people wish me a happy birthday!

Harry Potter World was incredible!

My favorite sight of all was this window display :-)

Cute group of friends having a fun day together

Hello Kitty heaven

Another cute group of friends

Happy Birthday to me!

Good advice

Afternoon parade

Everyone would stop to say Happy Birthday <3

I saw many beautiful braids!

Happy Birthday Bollywood-style

Back to the hotel!

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  1. Happy Birthday beautiful friend , never being in Japan it looks fantastic ����