Friday, June 3, 2016

How to give a French braid a completely different look

Hi everybody,

Yesterday I fixed my hair in a side French braid with a big low bun.  I gently tugged on one side of my French braid, to make the actual underlying braid stand out on that side.  I love the completely different feel this small change gives to this hairstyle.  And how fun to find that my hairstyle matched the look of these beautiful tropical flowers growing in my yard <3





  1. Happy Saturday beautiful angel 😊 such a wonderfull hairstylle and the flowers there looking so beautiful 💖💕

    1. Thank you <3 We have had beautiful weather lately, although it is hot :)

    2. Its a pleassure , here in belgium it rained very much past days , but it will be summer tommorow :)