Friday, June 24, 2016

Dutch braid updo~ my look for today

Hi friends, 

     How fun to spend a few days visiting Universal Studios Japan. I find my Disney loyalty being severely challenged! Today I was in a hurry, so I fixed my hair in a Mohawk Dutch braid with a small accent braid on either side and a low bun. 

     One of my favorite moments was watching these cute twins share popcorn and enjoy a street dance performance. They completely stole the show~ I think I watched them more than I did the dancers :-)

So big and beautiful <3

Timing is everything


  1. Those flowers are so pretty! What beautiful pictures. I love the minion headband on the little girl. So cute! Disney is such a fun place, in any country.

  2. Ooh yes those twins are cute ...thats normal all twins are
    I am part of a twin to lol