Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Multicolor Hairstyle

Hi friends,

     The afternoon sunlight was perfect for taking hair pictures.  (If I look a little pink, it's because I got a bit sunburned yesterday.)
     Today I fixed my hair in a fun section of rubber bands as an accent on one side, then put my hair in a ponytail on the opposite side.  I added more multicolored rubber bands to the length of my ponytail like I show in this video.  But instead of leaving my ponytail long, I wrapped it up into a side bun.
     Thank you for coming to see my multicolor hairstyle <3  Don't forget to follow my hair page on Facebook.


  1. Very beautifull dear friend :) <3

  2. Beautiful hairdo! I also get sunburned very quickly. To relieve sunburn I use aloë vera gel. I also use that on my scalp when I get sunburned. It has a nice cooling effect ;-)