Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A fishtail braid, and waist-length blonde hair~ at the beautiful Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan

Konnichiwa my friends!

     I traveled to Japan with my sister to celebrate her birthday.  How amazing to visit the beautiful Ashikaga Flower Park today, and see the breathtaking wisteria and other flower displays.  My sister has planned this trip for months, what a special time we are having together.  Today I wore my hair over one shoulder in a simple fishtail braid.  My sister wore her hair down, you can see in the pictures how thick her hair is!

     Thank you for coming with us on our adventure.  I'm so excited to share these pictures with all my friends here on my blog.  Feel free to save or share your favorites <3

At the park entrance

Stop and smell the roses
Light pink wisteria

Purple wisteria

A tower of marigolds

Wisteria ice cream!

A rainbow of flowers
White wisteria

The cutest little arrangements! I love them all <3

A cactus family :-)

Royal blue, my favorite color

A long hair friend!